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One of our assignments for my Digital Style and Design class was to make a GIF. I chose to make several GIFs from The Office because it’s easily one of my favorite shows to watch. I love the dry sense of humor the show portrays and how relatable it is. GIF’s are a great way to get people to interact on social media and you can usually count on a good laugh. I chose one video of Dwight dressing as his coworkers, one video of Dwight annoying Jim, per usual, and one video from Kevin’s famous chili that he made.


To begin with, I found clips on YouTube of some of my favorite moments from The Office. After I found three videos I liked, I then downloaded the videos from copying and pasting the YouTube link to After I downloaded the video, I uploaded it in Adobe Photoshop CC. I then selected a few frames I wanted to highlight in my GIFs, chose the speed and the amount of time between the frames. To finish, I exported all of the layers as a GIF.


I made three GIFs to portray some of my favorite moments form The Office. I wanted my GIFs to be light hearted and give viewers a good laugh. I hope you enjoy viewing my GIFs, and if you haven’t already seen The Office, I hope these encourage you to watch it.

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