Oakland Raiders Relocate to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 7, 2017): On January 19, the Oakland Raiders, a NFL team based in California, applied to relocate to Las Vegas after years of failing to find a replacement for their home, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

However, this will take time and if it does happen, it won’t happen for at least two seasons as they are planning to build a $1.9 billion stadium in Las Vegas.

The Raiders have been in Oakland for more than four decades and, according to Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders, “it’s time for some change.” He said, “We have yet to find a replacement for our home coliseum, as it is one of the oldest and most decrepit stadium in the league.”

However, relocating NFL teams requires approval from at least 24 of the 32 teams. The owners are meeting in Phoenix in late March, and are expected to vote then.

Oakland Raiders are experiencing some backlash from some of their loyal fans about the move, as well as some controversy from lawmakers and business leaders. The revenue that the team has brought into Oakland has been immense and a huge asset to the economy.

Despite some of the negative comments the Raiders have received, they are still pushed forward with this plan. They plan to reach out to people of Las Vegas and build a strong base of fans there, while at the same time keeping in touch and pleasing their fan base back home. To find out more about this move, visit www.raiders.com and read more on this issue at hand.


Head Coach Al Davis has been in the professional football league for six decades. The Oakland Raiders began in 1963 with Al Davis as the head coach. A couple years later in 1965 construction began on 54,000-seat Oakland Coliseum. Since then, they have won three Super Bowls: Super Bowl XI in 1977, Super Bowl XV in 1981 and Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. For more information, contact Mark Davis at markdavis@oaklandraiders.com.

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