How to Have a Successful Spring Break Using a Public Relations Plan

There’s always a lot of hype built up for spring break, but how do you make it the best spring break ever? Especially if it’s your last one. By using a public relations plan and laying out goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and evaluating it at the end, you can make this spring break a memorable one for years to come.

Depending on what kind of spring break you are going on, your public relations plan may vary. However, I’m going on the most typical spring break trip for college kids, so it makes it easy to lay out a plan. Me and 29 other friends rented a beach house for a week. Now, this may seem hectic and you may be thinking, “30 people, in one house?” But I promise you, if you use this plan, it will make it much more enjoyable and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your last spring break.


According to the public relations plan, goals are a broad statement that list the general outcomes one wants to see as a result. When you are planning your spring break, it’s important to think about what you want to get out of your trip. A typical spring break trip, consists of hanging out with friends and being on the beach with a beer in hand (for all the college kids). But for this purpose, we’ll narrow the goal down to making your last spring break the best one yet.


According to the public relations plan, objectives are specific and measureable indicators of whether or not one has met one’s goals. Identifying objectives are huge when looking at a future spring break trip. The objectives for my beach trip are to spend quality time with friends, free from school work.


Strategies in the public relations plan are communication vehicles to achieve objectives and represent an action plan. When looking at how to make your last spring break the best one, it’s important to lay out the strategies you plan to use. I plan on being present, in the moment and with my friends as much as possible. The strategy I plan on using for not doing school work is to try and relax throughout the week and not think about the weeks to come in school, or my future job.


Tactics in the public relations plan are the specific tasks that must be accomplished to achieve a stated objective. When establishing tactics in your spring break plan, you want to think about how you are going to spend more time with friends and less time doing school work. One tactic to implement in order to spend more time with friends is to put down your phone. So many people spend too much time obsessing over their phones and social media, when they should be spending time with those around them. It’s important to enjoy the moment you’re in and make it memorable, especially if it’s your last spring break.

Another tactic to implement during spring break, in order to forget about school work, is to make it clear with everyone that you’re staying with to not worry about school during the week. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows it won’t be a place to study and do homework. I plan on not bringing my backpack at all on spring break. As long as it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind for me.


When evaluating your public relations plan, it’s important to refer back to the overarching goal and see if you achieved that goal, using the objectives, strategies and tactics. After spring break, you want to sit down, relax and ask yourself if it was the best one yet. After implanting my different objectives, strategies and tactics, I believe it’s possible for everyone to have the best, last spring break ever. Now, be smart, have fun, enjoy yourself and have a blast on spring break.


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