What Does it Take to be an Auburn Student?


Being a student at Auburn University may look like all fun and games, but when it comes down to it, it can get pretty tough. Friends, parties and football are great, but going to a school as hard as Auburn, can get the best of you.

So what do Auburn students do everyday? Well like most people, we wake up with a cup of coffee, or two, or three… to start our day. We then head to our classes. Depending on the year and the workload, some students have a day full of classes, while others might only have class for a few hours. As a senior, I have a smaller workload this year. Luckily, I only have two classes per day.

However, four classes can still be tricky. This is when it becomes difficult to balance a social life with an academic life. As my parents always tell me, school comes first. But as I always tell my parents, it’s not about the grades you make, but the hands you shake.

We’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong after I graduate and I’m off to the real world.

After classes, I usually spend a couple of hours dedicated to schoolwork. This is when I fit in any busy work or homework that needs to get done. However, those two hours may turn into 6 hours if it’s test week.

Tests are on a whole new level at Auburn, especially when teachers decide to give tests in the same week. All teachers’ tend to space out their tests at the same time. This makes it difficult when you have up to four tests in the same week.

After the two hours of schoolwork, I then head to lunch. This is my favorite part of the day. Auburn has so many campus dining options that make it nearly impossible to leave campus for food. The best part about this is you get to use “monopoly money” instead of real money to pay. Monopoly money is what the students refer to money their parents pay upfront at the beginning of each semester.

After lunch is when I spend most of my free time during the day. I like to get some kind of exercise in, usually either by playing tennis or running. I also enjoy going to the recreation center, which I believe is one of Auburn’s best features.

After I get some exercise in, this is when I tend to socialize. I will either go over to friends house, they will come to mine, or we will meet somewhere to sit and visit for a while.

After visiting friends, I squeeze in dinner plans. Most of time I end up cooking at home because I love a god home cooked meal, and let’s face it, they’re cheaper than going out to eat. With a college budget, this is something I pay close attention to. After dinner is when I can finally have some time to myself. Depending on the night, I either catch up on my recent Netflix addiction, watch a movie or go church. Soon after that I pass out, because I’m not much of a night owl. Then I wake up at 8 and do it all over again.

So what does it take to be an Auburn student? It takes smart decision making skills, dedication for schoolwork and an outstanding work ethic. Auburn University has seen many graduates make miraculous accomplishments and they expect nothing less, so why give them less?

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