I chose to do my brochure on being an Au Pair in Germany. I chose this because after graduation, beginning in September, I am going to be an Au Pair in Munich, Germany. I have spent countless hours conducting research on things to do in Germany and the surrounding countries, as well as what being an Au Pair has to offer. With my mom being from Germany, deciding on a country to au pair in was no struggle for me. Once I spoke to my host family in Munich, I realized that they used to live on the same street as my mom. After hearing this, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to visit my mom’s roots and see where she came from.


I created my brochure online, using Canva. I embedded images found on the internet into the brochure. I wanted the overall appeal of this brochure to be welcoming and inviting. This is why I chose bright, colorful pictures that aspire creativity. In the brochure, I talk about something that I struggled with for a while, which is why you should be an au pair. I also talked about the benefits of Germany versus other countries by offering insight into the history of the country, festivals they offer, museums to visit and the amazingly convenient location of the country.


I made an engaging and informative brochure on reasons to be an au pair in Germany. I wanted to include pictures that illustrate the history and beautiful countryside Germany has to offer. Although being an au pair isn’t appealing to everyone, I hope this brochure shows just how alluring it can be to just visit another country. If it isn’t being an au pair, there are multiple different ways to travel, like studying abroad. You only live once, so get out there because the world is your oyster.