Sundilla Music
Our Role:
Design a public relations campaign
January- April

The Brief

This campaign was created to fulfill the requirements of a final project for Terri Knight’s Public Relations Campaigns class at Auburn University. At the beginning of the semester, we were assigned to work with Sundilla Music as our client. Sundilla is a nonprofit organization that hosts live music focused on folk-related genres and local artists. This campaign was created completely by students for implementation by Sundilla. All research and ideas for this campaign were formed by the group in collaboration with Ms. Knight and Sundilla’s personal contact, Bailey Jones. The educational goal of this project was not only to create a successful campaign that will be beneficial to Sundilla, but also enhance our professional skills and provide us with practical experience within the public relations industry.

An Additional Description

Sundilla works to present listeners with the opportunity to listen to live, acoustic music by touring musicians in a smoke-free, intimate environment where it can be enjoyed by people of all ages who may not have the opportunity to hear the artist otherwise. Operating year-round, Sundilla typically hosts one to two concerts each month in addition to broadcasting a weekly radio hour, which features music and conversation from independent folk artists.

The Result

The creation of an annual Sundilla Folk Fest event at the end of each summer will act as the catalyst for the rest of our campaign, including the aforementioned sponsorship program. Folk Fest presents the opportunity for Sundilla to reveal their rebranding on a large-scale platform, as well as making themselves known by more people in hopes that it will increase attendance for the rest of the year at their Concert Series. Challenges we dealt with when creating this campaign for Sundilla centered around finding enough survey participants with an interest in folk music who also lived in Lee County. Furthermore, Sundilla’s typical attendance demographic is mainly individuals aged 45 years and older. Through consistent social media posts and the development of an internship program in addition to a student advisory committee, Sundilla can hopefully appeal to more college students and thus, expand their target market to a younger demographic.