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I will graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations from Auburn University. Below you will find relevant coursework that I have completed during my time at Auburn.

Foundations of Public Relations

Designed to be an overview of the functions, practices and growing applications of public relations. Grasped an understanding of public relations’ history, theory and practices.


Learned media history, news gathering and reporting, writing under deadline pressure and how to avoid ethical problems. Emphasis on developing professional reporting skills through guided practice in and out of the classroom.

Multimedia Writing for Public Relations

Preparation for careers that include developing communication tactics; planning, writing and producing print and digital media tools; identifying and segmenting audiences; and selecting media relevant to specific target audiences.

Survey Research Methods

Developed basic applied research and program evaluation skills including critical review, writing hypothesis, questions, and purpose statements; designing and executing program evaluation; and analyzing and disseminating findings.

PR Case Studies

Provided an understanding of effective and ineffective methods of public relations through the analysis of actual cases. Learned how and why a public relations effort was successful or not successful.

Strategic Communication in Public Relations

Learned to communication the best message, through the right channels, to the desired audience, measured against organizational and communications-specific goals.

Public Relations Campaigns

Grasped the understanding of planning, implementing and evaluating components of the public relations process and capably integrating them into a strategic communication plan.

Digital Style and Design

Designed to learn different software applications and implementations of online public relations activities. Incorporates traditional PR practices into technology emerging digital media and social networks.

Journalism Fundamentals

This course served as a building block in learning to write clearly and concisely. We learned the basics of writing in the Associated Press style, which taught us basic spelling, grammar and word usage.