I decided to do my infographic on something that came natural to me, so I wrote about being an Auburn fan. I used some of Auburn’s most cherished traditions and moments of greatness to include in my infographic. The Kick Six will forever be remembered by not only Auburn fans, but anyone who watched that game. Auburn will forever be proud of their Heisman winners and honor them by their towering statues outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium. Rolling Toomer’s Corner and the War Eagle flight before the game are just two of Auburn’s most valued traditions. These are just a few of the things that make Auburn, Auburn.


I created my infographic on Canva and based the information on my own knowledge and facts I have learned since I’ve been at Auburn. I found images on the internet and imbedded them into the infographic. Auburn likes to keep things clean, simple and classy, which is why I made half of the brochure black and white, to make it look timeless. I chose the title “Four Reasons why it’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger” after one of Auburn’s most famous cheers, “It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger.” I included a couple of sentences that summarize the infographic at the end and based it off of Auburn’s most recent successful campaign, “Because This Is Auburn.”


I made a simple, yet informative infographic on four reasons why it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger. I wanted to showcase the reason why so many people chose to be an Auburn fan. While there are thousands of great universities out there, Auburn holds a special place in my heart, as well as many others because of the timelessness, classiness and warm feeling it leaves with you. Being a part of the Auburn family is an experience unlike any other, and I wanted to portray that through my infographic.

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