I wanted my logo to be timeless and elegant. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Timeless is defined as “having no beginning or end,” which is what I wanted my logo to portray. elegant is described as “of high grade or quality,” by Merriam Webster. I tried to make my logo timeless by using a simple font and making it classic instead of trendy. I tried to make my logo elegant by making the simple, yet eye catching embroidery around the “C” at the top of my logo.


I created my logo in Adobe Photoshop CC by using a clean font with a simple and fresh color. I love using earth tones on everything I design, which I why I chose the dark brown and white colors. I chose a font that is easy to read so viewers don’t have to struggle to try and understand it.


My logo is a timeless and elegant look, using a minimalistic design. I hope you enjoy and feel free to look through the rest of my portfolio to see my other designs.

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