Aspire is a magazine I created as part of my Digital Style and Design coursework. I chose the name Aspire because by definition it means “to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal.” Aspire is made of unique stories that encompass students strive to achieve their individual goals. My magazine was intended to capture the essence of Auburn and the people that make up this beautiful small town. It’s inspiring to be able to hear, relate and appreciate the remarkable stories that each student at Auburn contains. I found all seven of the stories in this magazine on the Auburn Family blog, each written to tell a different testimony.


I made this magazine using Adobe InDesign. The stories were each chosen for a specific purpose from the Auburn Family blog. The pictures were either embedded in the blogs or found on the internet. The stories are titled: “War Eagle: Ever Wonder How It Came to Be,” “It’s Never Okay to Give Up,” “Living the Creed: A College Student’s Perspective,” “How This Auburn Student’s ‘Hard Work’ Helped Land Her Dream Internship,” “My Last Saturday Down South in the Auburn Student Section,” “Why I’m Ready to Graduate and Take Auburn with Me” and “How Miss Homecoming 2015, Taylor Wesley, Has Left Her Mark on Auburn’s Campus.” I used a photo of Samford Hall for the cover of my magazine because it is such an iconic Auburn building. I tried to keep my magazine minimalistic, using only a pop of color when needed.


I hope you enjoy reading Aspire and listening to the stories told by Auburn students. Auburn is truly a place that accepts you for who you are and doesn’t conform you to fit a mold. The Auburn family is made of many unique individuals who deserve for their story to be heard and told, and with this magazine I was able to do just that.