Survey Research

O Town Ice Cream
Our Role:
Conduct Research for O Town Ice Cream
August- November

The Brief

O Town Ice Cream is a locally owned business in historic downtown Opelika. O Town strives to increase the amount of customers who are in college and also raise awareness of their lunch menu. As they are looking to increase their customer base, they also hope to add to their lunch menu in the future. This would help O Town Ice Cream maintain business throughout the winter season. We have conducted thorough research through an online survey with questions specifically aimed toward discovering what O Town Ice Cream can do to attract more college students and increase awareness of their lunch menu.

An Additional Description

The study conducted asked the public two types of questions: screener questions and questions related to solving the problems. The survey begins with questions referring to the age, gender and education level of the respondent then moves into more specific questions having to do with their knowledge of O Town Ice Cream and whether or not they have been there. The questions varied between open ended and multiple-choice questions. The open-ended questions allowed the respondent to give more detailed answers so we could gauge their interest on the matter.

The Result

Some major findings from the survey conducted were 80 percent of respondents had never been to O Town Ice Cream, 55 percent of respondents are somewhat likely to go to an ice cream shop in the winter if the shop serves food items as well as ice cream and 80 percent of respondents are likely to use Instagram to follow a local business on social media. As a result of our findings, we recommend that O Town builds a presence on Auburn’s campus, aim their social media, specifically Instagram, at college students, and increase overall awareness of their lunch menu.